Your goal is to receive an integrated legal support that covers all your legal consultancy needs. Therefore we have the capability to provide to you full legal support, including by means of acting for you in a fiduciary position.

Due to specific local legal requirements and prohibitions, the legal consultancy and representation is ensured by cooperation with prestigious local and foreign law offices.

Anghel, Lizac & Associates renders the following services:

  • Registration and establishing of your company
  • Acting and advising in respect of obtaining approvals or authorisations
  • Case coordination and legal representation
  • Enforcement of court decisions issued in foreign jurisdictions
  • Representation of companies in any business relationships
  • Consultancy regarding financial and tax legislation
  • Labor law
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Recovery
  • Energy efficiency legal issues
  • Privatisation & Post Privatisation issues
  • Real Estate, Property (including IP) and Construction
  • Reorganization & Bankruptcy

The confidentiality and the high standards, which characterize our working style, are granted to all our clients.

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