Our primary commitment is to deliver outstanding results through tailored solutions for each of our partners.
We enjoy our customers' success. The biggest professional satisfaction is seeing our work translated into our partners' results.
Thinking outside the box makes us a valuable companion for our partners' business journeys.

who we are

Since 1997 we’ve been helping partners in their strive to achieve operational excellence! Founded by Michel Steger, Fine Business Consulting has quickly adopted its owner’s swiss approach and beliefs, becoming a passage between two worlds: the local market and the foreign environment.

Settled in one of the most vibrant areas of Bucharest, our company encompasses a young, but experienced team of consultants ready to provide substantial contribution in designing your value-creation business model, where customer satisfaction is boosted alongside with stakeholders’ interests, thus enabling a more competitive and profitable business.

Our mission is to provide “down-to-earth” customer tailored solutions for both local and international market players with the aim of being growth conducive.

“FBC will achieve a deep understanding of your business profile in order to offer immediate support to your ad-hoc requests and to integrate down-to-earth solutions that are covering all bases with the long-term objective of improving your business process, growing your performance and increasing your customers’ satisfaction”. 

Michel Steger

our values

Fine Business Consulting_passion


Our focus is on the added value and the rest will follow. We enjoy our work and results speak for themselves.
Fine Business Consulting_respect


We treat every partner with the same amount of respect, as we like to embrace diversity. Regardless of the project we are involved in, we always stick to our deadlines and keep our promises.
Fine Business Consulting_trasparency


Beginning with the first handshake, we demonstrate trust by only engaging in open and honest communication. We always provide considered feedback and rectify mistakes in a timely manner after learning from them.
Fine Business Consulting_quality


We know what we are doing, and we are giving it our best! The substance of our services benefited from an organic growth pattern, which came along with extended research capabilities, creativity, accuracy and, last but not least, passion.
Fine Business Consulting_commitment


We consider ourselves responsible for our partners’ success and always go the extra mile! We become an integral part of the implementation team and assume responsibility for the adoption of the project by our partners organization.

our services

Our business model implies attending to our clients’ needs based on two types of approach, namely E2E projects (i.e. integrated solutions from business understanding to post-implementation support) and On-demand projects (i.e. local tasks and ad-hoc requests).

Our area of expertise comprises the following services:

Ensure pursuit of strategic opportunities with the aim of enabling business improvement/expansion and facilitate strategic business decisions. These services may include:

  • Investment projects;
  • Company set-up;
  • Department set-up;
  • Project plan implementations;
  • Negotiation process with authorities and/or other counterparts;
  • Restructuring processes;
  • Internal Compliance Architectures;
  • Customer Experience enhancements;
  • Sustainability  reporting.

Ensuring analysis beginning with Business Understanding & Financial Analysis, Business Metrics definition, KPIs, Business Governance, etc.

Consists of E2E process analysis and/or definition for entire organizations or departments, implementation of Standard Operating Procedures and support documentation (e.g. job description, work instructions, etc.).

our reference projects

Lead advise for the 6,6 bln. Euro investment, including a MoU with the Romanian Government.
Assisting a major company in the set-up and implementation of a Public Procurement Procedure for a 220 mil. Euro plant.
Assisting a major bank in negotiations for infrastructure financing in range of 500 mil. Euro for Romanian Ministries of Economy and Transportation.
Interim manager and legal representative for several companies acting in food production, window production and pharma, with the goal of turnaround and exit of the investor.
Assisting an investment fund with a 120 mil. euro development of an office building in Bucharest, including board membership.
Implementation of: Compliance Systems, Response Protocol Mechanisms, Corporate Governance Charta, Net Promoter Score concept, Sustainability reporting framework, etc.
“We enjoy our customers’ success. The biggest professional satisfaction is seeing our work translated into our partners’ results.”


Fine Business Consulting
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